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Kroger-Albertson’s Merger Could Reduce KY Food Access

Jan 31, 2023
Kroger-Albertson’s Merger Could Reduce KY Food Access Kentucky food banks say the proposed merger of Kroger and Albertsons, currently under review by the Federal Trade Commission, could trigger an increased demand for services at a time when inflation, gas prices and the end of pandemic-era supports are squeezing household budgets.Vincent James, president and CEO of the Dare to Care Food Bank in Louisville, said a merged Kroger and Albertsons, along with Walmart, the nation's largest grocer, could force more farmers out of the market and raise consumer prices, which send more folks to their local food bank."All of these things have created this sort of perfect storm for folks that were caught in the middle," James explained. "...(Read More)

Trees Bring Hope, Healing for Western Kentucky Tornado Victims

Jan 31, 2023
By Toni Riley for The Daily Yonder.Broadcast version by Nadia Ramlagan for Kentucky News Connection for the Public News Service/Daily Yonder CollaborationWhen two massive tornados ravaged rural west Kentucky on the evening of December 10 and the morning of December 11, 2021, aid was immediate. Thousands of volunteers, millions of dollars of donations, and support poured into the counties—many with irreparable damage. As the families began to pick up the pieces of their lives, many suffered a total loss, including decades-old trees; replacing those trees wasn’t foremost in their minds. ...(Read More)

Corrigen problema de hogares con costosa cobertura de salud

Jan 30, 2023
Muchos residentes de Kentucky que tienen acceso a cobertura de salud por parte de su empleador, pero que no está al alcance de sus dependientes y cónyuges, ahora califican para recibir asistencia financiera en forma de créditos fiscales a través de la Ley de Asistencia Asequible. KFF estima que más de cinco millones de personas en todo el país se ven afectadas por el "Family Glitch" ahora solucionado. Priscilla Easterling de Kentucky Voices for Health, aconseja a las familias que evalúen cuánto gastan cada mes en seguro médico. ...(Read More)

Fix Opens Options for Households with Costly Employer Health Coverage

Jan 30, 2023
Many Kentuckians who have affordable employer health coverage for themselves but not for their dependents and spouses now qualify for financial assistance in the form of tax credits through the Affordable Care Act.The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation estimates more than five million people nationwide are affected by the now-fixed "Family Glitch."Priscilla Easterling, outreach coordinator for Kentucky Voices for Health, advises families to assess how much they're spending each month on health insurance. ...(Read More)

KY's Housing Shortage Worsened by Natural Disasters

Jan 23, 2023
Kentucky is facing a serious housing shortage, and the past few years of deadly floods and tornadoes have worsened the situation.Advocates want lawmakers to commit to more than $300 million Affordable Housing Emergency Action Recovery Trust Fund or "AHEART."More than 800 eastern Kentucky residents remain temporarily housed in state parks and travel trailers after last summer's flooding.Maggie Riden - Director of Advocacy for the group FAHE, which provides lending services in the Appalachian region - said the state has reached a housing tipping point. ...(Read More)

KY Lawmaker Says Graduated Income Tax Offers “Some Relief to Function as a State”

Jan 18, 2023
KY Lawmaker Says Graduated Income Tax Offers “Some Relief to Function as a State” An Oxfam report released this week shows the richest 1% of individuals have gotten richer since the pandemic, capturing almost two-thirds of all new wealth.The report calls for a 5% tax on the world's multimillionaires and billionaires. The finding comes as one state lawmaker pushes for reinstating the state's graduated income tax on Kentucky's highest earners. ...(Read More)

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