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Nueva ley de Kentucky aumenta acceso a pruebas de cáncer con biomarcadores

Mar 27, 2023
A partir del año que viene, más ciudadanos de Kentucky tendrán un mayor acceso a las pruebas de biomarcadores, que ayudan a personalizar el tratamiento del cáncer de los pacientes. Sus defensores afirman que la nueva ley salvará vidas y mejorará la calidad de vida de los pacientes.El proyecto de ley 180 de la Cámara de Representantes, promulgado recientemente por el gobernador Andy Beshear, requiere que tanto las aseguradoras privadas como Medicaid cubran las pruebas de biomarcadores después de que se haya realizado un diagnóstico. ...(Read More)

New Kentucky Law Increases Access to Biomarker Cancer Testing

Mar 27, 2023
Beginning next year, more Kentuckians will have expanded access to biomarker testing - which helps doctors customize cancer treatment. Advocates of the new law say it will save lives and improve patients' quality of life.Signed into law by Gov. ...(Read More)

Black Lung Benefits Not Keeping Up with Miners’ Health Needs Amid Inflation

Mar 21, 2023
As the cost of food, medicine and rent continues to climb, new data shows the benefits miners receive are now 40% less than what they received in 1969, when adjusted for inflation.Vonda Robinson, Vice President of the National Black Lung Association, said she is grateful for the benefits her husband receives, but points out the high cost of gas and grocery bills are a constant challenge."My husband worked in the coal mines for 30 years." Robinson said. "...(Read More)

KY Bill Nullifying Federal Gun Laws Heads to Governor’s Desk

Mar 20, 2023
A bill to make it more difficult for local police to enforce federal gun laws and in some cases criminally penalize them, now heads to Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear's desk.Kentucky lawmakers have secured enough votes to override a veto of House Bill 153, which bans state and local law enforcement and other public officials from enforcing federal firearms regulations enacted after Jan. ...(Read More)

Critics Say Proposed Kentucky State Worker Pay Bill Isn’t Enough

Mar 15, 2023
Critics of a proposed pay raise for state workers said it barely keeps up with inflation and is not enough to alleviate Kentucky's long-standing government workforce crisis.House Bill 444 would use $89 million for a 6% raise, despite having $200 million already set aside.Dustin Pugel, executive director of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, explained over the past two decades, the state's public workforce has shrunk, despite a growing population and increasing demand for public services. ...(Read More)

Report: Fewer Kentucky Kids Receiving School Meals

Mar 14, 2023
Preliminary data shows schools are serving fewer meals than they did last year, largely due to the end of nationwide pandemic-era waivers which allowed schools to serve meals at no cost to all children. According to a recent report, Kentucky saw a 34% increase in lunch participation and a nearly 3% increase in the number of kids who ate breakfast at school over the past few years.Clarissa Hayes, Deputy Director for School and Out-of-School Time Programs at the Food Research & Action Center, said the gap between Kentucky kids receiving breakfast and lunch now appears to be widening as kids and families go back to the tiered eligibility system used to determine who qualifies for free school meals. ...(Read More)

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