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Retired LPD Officer Eddie Thurman dies of cancer


A retired Lexington police officer died after a battle with cancer, leaving behind a wife and five kids. Now, those close to Eddie Thurman share stories to remember the man and officer he was.

After 20 years of dedicated service and a recent retirement from the Lexington Police Department, only four months ago, 55-year-old Edward Ray Thurman, passed away on Sunday at his home.

“He made an impact, so everybody was aware of his work. Eddie was devoted to the force, which means he was devoted to service,” says Chief of Police Lawrence Weathers. “He exemplified what police should be. We always talking about setting the standard and Eddie was the standard. We’re gonna miss him.”

According to a Facebook post by his wife, Eddie was battling a form of cancer that spread to his brain, becoming too aggressive to treat. With his family’s support, he went home with hospice to be surrounded by an abundance of love and prayer until he passed.

“Eddie was very passionate about what he did in our community. Working on a lot of project’s he was one of our central sector neighborhood resource officers,” said Brian Maynard, the Lexington Police Department assistant chief.

Eddie dedicated his time to helping those who were homeless or dealt with substance abuse issues within his community. He was well known for the “cop-sicle” program and even helped an elderly lady mow her lawn when she couldn’t.

Officers Eddie worked with describe him as one of those guys you knew would have your back, and was a genuinely good person.

“His personality. Just very open. Big guy, loved life, very open, very caring and just overall one of our go-to guys, describes Maynard. “If I had an issue or a problem that we need solved, I mean our task is to be problem solvers, call Eddie up and he would be able to take care of it.”

“Over these last couple of years, people have formed different opinions about police. I think if you knew Eddie. You know what a police officer should be, is suppose to be and is cause that’s what he was,” says Weathers who calls Eddie an overall hero.

A celebration of life is scheduled for Friday afternoon. You can donate or send your condolences by contacting the Clark Legacy Center.


Credit: Kayliegh Randle-LEX18/Lexington