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Kentucky health care advocates kick off multi-stop roadshow in Frankfort


A group of health care advocates in Kentucky kicked off their multi-stop roadshow Tuesday in Frankfort.

Dozens showed up for Thrive Kentucky’s yearly event, diving into timely issues such as hunger and housing.

It was the first stop of seven across the state in a series dedicated to teaching community leaders, such as police officers, faith leaders, nurses, and other connectors, to address issues in their communities.

Topics discussed included:
– The economic landscape
– Housing
– Hunger & Food
– Early Childhood Education
– Maternal & Child Health
– Behavioral Health
– Healthcare

Their goal is to make sure the people taking care of their community have the tools they need to navigate a complex health care system, public assistance programs and constantly changing legislative policies. Then, they can take those resources back to their communities and even advocate for any needed changes.

Thrive Kentucky’s next stop is June 18 in Pikeville.

Credit: Christiana Ford-LEX18/Lexington